The 45th Annual HAD 5k Parade Run 7/29/17 Entry Form  Course Map

Patriot Run 5k/10k 6/10/17 Results

29th Annual Fort to Fort 5k/10k 4/1/17 Entry Form

RWB Dualathon Results

Kermit Cadret 5 mile / 5k run, 2 mile walk 6/12/16 Entry Form

Great Carrying Race 5k Run/Walk 8/8/15 Entry Form

14th Annual Snowmaker 5k Run 8/22/15 Entry Form

.Did you know that Central New York is home to the National Distance Running Hall of Fame?  Well it's true!  What's more, the Roman Runners are Charter Members!  Read all about it at the Hall's new website.  And don't forget to stop by next time you're in the neighborhood.

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